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Jimmie DeLoach

Special Effects Makeup, Moulage Makeup, Craft Makeup and Hair Department
Grand Cayman
Ever wondered "how do they do that? Special effects makeup is one of those specialties that can make you say "Wow". Join special effects make up technician, designer and artist, Jimmie DeLoach, as he creates a custom mould for a one of a kind mask, demonstrates his technique for Moulage make-up and even how to make a young person look old.

"A man of many talents" is the most accurate description of Jimmie DeLoach. His extensive background in film and theatre productions has provided him a limitless playground in which his artistic skills, intuitive engineering and resourcefulness makes him one of the most sought after make up technicians in the Cayman Islands. The combination of his master skills naturally transitioned into the FX industry where he excels in demonstrating his craft for moulage make up, FX prosthetic moulding as well as green screen and high definition make up.

His Hollywood film background includes having worked in the craft departments doing make up and hair for:
* 10 time Oscar nominated legendary film director John Huston on the American movie "Wise Blood" starring Ned Beatty;
*Abby Mann - film writer, producer and TV series director on the TV mini series "King" starring Paul Winfield and Tony Award winning actress Cicely Tyson;
* Patrick O'Neal - American television, stage and film actor, TV movie director on the made for TV movie "Mr. Griffin and Me" starring Burgess Meredith and Gloria Graham.

In addition to film, he has worked for major TV networks such as CBS on "Face The Nation" for their special guest Senator Sam Nunn, ABC "Good Morning America" for their special guests then President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore. He has also worked with nationally known film and media production companies such as Crawford Communications - Atlanta Georgia; Dan Crow Productions - Indianapolis, Indiana; Murphy, Putnam, Shorr & Partners - Alexandria, Virginia; Atomic Films - Chattanooga, Tennessee; Triple Horse Productions - Conyers, Georgia and Penny Bridge Productions - New York (client was IBM Corporation) just to name a few.

Having moved to the Cayman Islands in 2009, Jimmie has worked locally on 6 short films and 7 theatre productions. He has also done 3 TV commercials for the Cayman Islands Ministry of Education, Tangram Media & Entertainment - Jamaica (BAF Insurance) and Cayman Channel 27 (MEPCO).

Being one of the most sought after moulage make up artists because of his ability to create realistic human injuries, The Cayman Islands Airport Authority and the Cayman Islands Red Cross both rely on Jimmie to provide triage quality moulage make up when conducting first responder training exercises such as their "Dark Knight" operation and "Operation Clean Sweep" respectively. Films shot here in Grand Cayman such as Zombie Driftwood, The Devil You Know and The Final Rule all have capitalized on his creative talents whenever they needed the walking dead, bizarre execution scenes and even chopped off body parts with squirting blood.

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