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Dieter Sturm is a "live-action" Special Effects Coordinator and Designer for motion pictures, film and video for 30 years, and currently has worked on over 86 motion pictures, hundreds of TV commercials, and dozens of still photography, marketing, and special events projects. Sturm's creative work includes environmentals (snow, rain, wind, fog, etc.), pyrotechnics (fire, explosions, sparks, smoke, bullet hits, etc.), mechanicals, special rigging, stunt assist, and much more. His company specializes and is well known for their winter/snow creations. Some well known motion pictures that Sturm has worked on include Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, True Lies, Major League, The Horse Whisperer, Fargo, Michael, The Weatherman, Contagion, Superman Man of Steel, and Transformers 4. Some TV shows included Unsolved Mysteries, Rescue 911, ER, and the current hit show on NBC Chicago Fire.  TV commercials range from McDonalds, VISA, Nike, Ford, AT&T, State Farm Insurance, and several hundred more. Dieter Sturm won an Academy Award in 1995 for the development of the first biodegradable snow for the motion picture industry (Scientific & Technical Achievement). The Academy Award was presented to Dieter by well  know actress Jamie Lee Curtis in Hollywood.  Dieter also appeared on the LATE NIGHT with David Letterman show 4 times in recent years exploding food and appliances with Dave.