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Courtney Platt

An eclectic photographer living in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands since 1983 and creating pictures since 1976, I truly “specialize in everything”. The wide ranging skills and tools accumulated over the years to effectively capture light under any circumstances make me an excellent choice when your image is important.

Eight assignments done for National Geographic Magazine since 1987 have taught me a great deal about analyzing available light, how to augment it as necessary and the value of making that all come together precisely at “the Geographic Moment”.

This experience is reflected most obviously at weddings, which I enjoy immensely, whether it’s a romantic destination wedding with two people on the beach or it’s the biggest event of the year with 300 in church.  Portraits on location are another favorite specialty of mine, be it a family group at sunset on the beach, a newborn baby in your home or an executive in the office… I bring a deep bag of studio lighting techniques anywhere.

Whether you need annual report images, commercial advertising, real estate, aerial or brochure images, I have your solution at my fingertips.  

Although photo finishing has evolved in the digital age to mean late nights at the computer, I find gratification in the level of refinement it makes possible to achieve in the final image. It is absolutely amazing to see the difference between what I produce now, with Nikon’s latest, greatest professional digital cameras and Photoshop vs. the film I started with over 30 years ago. I continually remain on the leading edge of technology in both hardware and software, ever learning and always stretching the envelope of photography.